Occasionally we like to bring you a “What’s New” version of the newsletter and focus on what’s new with WasteWORKS.  With an updated website, some new product offerings and some new folks in our support department, we thought this would be a great time for an update.

Carolina Software Welcomes Two New Employees

The WasteWORKS support staff has seen some additions over the past year and we’re happy to have Kyle Kennedy and Chris Gore on board.  If you’ve called our support line lately, you may have already talked to them.  Both Kyle and Chris are computer science graduates of UNCW (UNC Wilmington), and both bring a combination of technical skills and excellent customer service to the support department.  Welcome aboard!

An Update for WasteWORKS.com

Earlier this year, we unveiled a shiny new version of our website www.wasteworks.com.  Our new website provides useful information about  the WasteWORKS family of products, as well as tools for requesting support and ordering forms.  Our goal was to create a simple, clean interface and easy access for our customers.  We hope you’ll find our new website useful— and nice to look at too!  We’ll be adding content to the website over the coming months, so check back often.

WasteWIZARD Swings

WasteWIZARD is our number one add-on for WasteWORKS installations, and the new “swing-arm” mounting system has made mounting and protecting your WasteWIZARD investment simple.  The swing-arm mounting system comes with a protective hood and mounting post.  The hood provides protection from vehicles and other obstructions by swinging out of the way when its struck.  After the obstruction clears, it simply swings back into it’s original position.  Swing-arm mounts are compatible with all new configurations of WasteWIZARD and can provide protection from both directions.


Scan While You Ticket and Email Automatically

WasteWORKS customers can now scan documents during transaction processing.  Our WasteWORKS Scan Module allows you to scan documents like manifests and purchase orders during ticketing.  These documents are saved to the location of your choice and named using the ticket number, date and time.  These documents can be retrieved later or attached and delivered to customers using our optional Auto-Email module.  The Auto-Email module provides automatic e-mailing of tickets and statements/reports to customers and internal staff.  This module works with custom report templates and allows you to schedule report delivery to e-mail addresses in the WasteWORKS customer table, or specified in the report.  Report information is delivered pdf format and the reports can be scheduled at the interval of your choosing.

Technical Updates:

  • WasteWORKS-SQL is fully compatible with Windows 10, 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • OpenEdge EMV card processing is now available. Please contact our support department for more details.


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