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WasteWIZARD turns your scale lane into an express lane

The latest in scale lane automation provides your manned or unmanned facility with automatic transaction processing and a wide range of peripheral options. WasteWIZARD is the weighmaster who is always on duty.

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Accelerated Processing

Making your scale lane more productive means producing transactions quickly and getting trucks off the scale. WasteWIZARD comes with a range of features to maximize the potential of your scale house operations.


Scale House Staffing
Transaction efficiency
Customer Satisfaction

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Customers Love WasteWIZARD

“WasteWIZARD has been such an enhancement to our flow of traffic. The commercial accounts love using the system. It allows the trucks to process their transactions at a much faster rate.”


Bonnie McDonagh
Salt River Landfill


“The WasteWIZARD was designed to optimize the value of time and manpower to get our customers in and out of the scale lanes. I would recommend this equipment without hesitation.”


Denee M. Rudd
Escambia County, FL

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