Waste Management Software Solutions for All Your Scale House Needs

The WasteWORKS family of waste management solutions help landfills, recycling facilities and transfer stations put customers first.

Since 1988, Carolina Software, Inc. has been installing and supporting WasteWORKS software for solid waste management at locations across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. WasteWORKS has become the industry leader by providing a cost-effective, complete, turnkey solution for managing landfills, transfer stations, waste-to-energy facilities, MRFs, and recycling facilities. From small, single PC installations, to major U.S. cities and counties, WasteWORKS provides a total, Windows-based package for ticketing, billing and reporting. Hundreds of satisfied customers have chosen WasteWORKS to provide their facilities with a simple and efficient point-of-sale module, flexible and secure scale lane automation, container billing, and a solid and fully integrated receivables package. WasteWORKS-SQL combines all of the benefits of a Microsoft SQL Server platform with an easy to maintain, affordable, off-the-shelf solution for managing your facility.

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The waste industry’s leading waste software solution for producing tickets, bills, reports and more.

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Feature rich scale lane automation that’s a perfect fit for your manned or unmanned facilities.

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The dedicated roll-off management module that makes managing your container fleet simple.

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WasteWORKS Mobile

All the power to produce mobile waste and recycling transactions in the palm of your hand.

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WasteWORKS Software for Waste Management

The WasteWORKS family of products is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to waste management information. The products are designed to be easy to use while providing the timely and accurate data you need to manage your waste facilities.

WasteWORKS is the centerpiece of Carolina Software’s waste solution strategy. Information enters the system as your weigh masters greet vehicles arriving at your sites. WasteWORKS reads the vehicle’s weight automatically from your scale, then computes the charge by ton, cubic yard or quantity, and finally prints a ticket for cash or charge account transactions. Hidden error checking works while the data is entered to ensure accuracy, and pop-up choices and online help allow your weigh master to focus on your customer, not the computer. Meanwhile, the software computes pricing, including special contracts and discounts as well as special taxes, all behind the scenes.

However, generating a refuse ticket is only the beginning. WasteWORKS is the complete solution for waste disposal management and includes customer billing and financial reporting in the base product, so there is no additional accounting software to purchase and learn to use. Your auditors will like the financial side of WasteWORKS, which was designed by a CPA to give them the information they need and to help you maximize your collections.

Since WasteWORKS was designed from the beginning specifically for the waste industry, there are also lots of management reports for the solid waste director. Graphs quickly show you where you’re the busiest or most productive, and the included full-featured report writer allows you to create your own reports in addition to the dozens that come with WasteWORKS already.

WasteWIZARD for Scale Lane Automation

Turn your scale lane into an express lane with the WasteWIZARD unattended scale.

Carolina Software, Inc., developer of the industry’s leading solid waste management software, leads the way with WasteWIZARD, the latest technology in scale lane automation! What can WasteWizard do for you?

  • By adding WasteWIZARD to your operation, you can eliminate those long and costly lines by allowing your drivers to do the work.
  • What Else? WasteWIZARD is the perfect solution for after-hours transactions, and can enhance your facility’s security with optional password prompts and gate interface!
  • And now with the addition of WasteWORKS Vision, you’ll have a snapshot of the driver to give your site the ultimate in automation and security!

WasteWORKS for Containers

Improve waste hauling operations with roll off container tracking software.

WasteWORKS now offers even more functionality with the addition of Container Billing, a module with features for roll-off management. Container Billing helps track containers so you know where you put it, who has it, and what day of the week you’re going to pick it up. Now you can use the power of WasteWORKS to manage your container business!

  • Easily manage work orders, service locations and routes.
  • Generate your rental charges and billing with ease.
  • Maximize efficiency with a simple, easy-to-use interface.

WasteWORKS Mobile

Take your operations on the go to eliminate long lines with the WasteWORKS Mobile ticketing system.

The WasteWORKS Mobile system consists of a simple and intuitive Windows application, loaded on the Windows tablet of your choice.  It can also be paired with a number of lightweight, Bluetooth thermal printers. This flexible new ticketing application connects to your MS SQL database in real time, making WasteWORKS Mobile the perfect portable companion for your existing WasteWORKS-SQL installation.

  • The new WasteWORKS Mobile intuitive screens provide users with a simple method of entering quantities for flat rate or volume-based materials.
  • The ability to handle up to five line items per transaction is a welcomed new addition for household hazardous waste facilities and convenience centers.
  • With the ability to process credit cards, the new WasteWORKS Mobile system can process transactions and payments without being tethered to the scale house.

WasteWORKS Vision Scale Lane Camera

Enhance scale lane security and include image captures on your tickets with WasteWORKS vision.

WasteWORKS Vision provides enhanced security to sites using WasteWORKS and WasteWIZARD scale lane automation. By combining the same ticket information that prints on your ticket with one or more snapshots of a vehicle, the driver or the license plate of a vehicle, you will have a powerful security tool for your facilities. Each image is stored and numbered to match your tickets for easy viewing in the future. Each system is capable of taking multiple pictures of up to four scale lanes, ensuring that your site is safe and secure.


What WasteWORKS Clients Say

WasteWORKS waste management software technical support is beyond anything—we absolutely love it.”

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Pat Myers
Program Manager

“WasteWORKS software is the only package that provides a proven and affordable, off-the-shelf solution for our current operations and the flexibility to handle future growth.”

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Doug Kobold
Program Manager

North America’s Best Solid Waste Management Software Solution

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