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Elk City Installs WasteWORKS and Increases Landfill Capabilities

Elk City, Oklahoma Carolina Software welcomes the City of Elk City, Oklahoma Landfill  to the WasteWORKS family.  The city operates the Elk City Municipal Landfill, a subtitle D facility about two miles west of the city.  Elk City recently added WasteWORKS to their brand new scale house and landfill staff are enjoying the benefits of the improved processing capabilities. Just Passing Through “Elk City is the epitome of Oklahoma and its rich heritage…..Elk City represents the heart of the great s [...]

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Las Cruces Landfill Enjoys the Benefits of WasteWORKS

Las Cruces, New Mexico Carolina Software welcomes new customer, The City of Las Cruces, New Mexico! The second largest city in New Mexico (behind Albuquerque), Las Cruces is home to around  100,000 residents and is located just 45 miles north of El Paso and the border with Mexico.  Against a backdrop of the beautiful Organ Mountains, the city sits at a lofty 3908 feet above sea level. The Rio Grande passes through the city and supplies irrigation water to the intensive agriculture surrounding th [...]

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Crumb Rubber Manufacturers Signs On With Carolina Software

Carolina Software welcomes CRM of Mesa, Arizona to the WasteWORKS family. CRM (Crumb Rubber Manufacturers), North America’s largest crumb rubber manufacturer, recently added WasteWORKS to their processing operations in Arizona. So, just what is crumb rubber? Well, this is what you get when you process waste tires into uniform granules, while removing reinforcing steel, fiber and all other contaminants, such as dust, glass and rock. Basically, it is the feedstock created from recycling rubber tir [...]

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Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal Ticketing, Billing & Reporting

Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal (TTSD) in California is our featured customer for the third quarter. TTSD recently joined the WasteWORKS family and they’ve put WasteWORKS-SQL to good use for handling ticketing, billing and reporting for their waste and recycling operations. As the sister site to another WasteWORKS customer, Western Placer Waste Management Authority, the Eastern Regional Landfill Material Recovery Facility and Transfer Station (operated by TTSD) handles waste for the eastern half o [...]

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Scale Software Solution for Indian River BioEnergy Center

In this issue, we’re featuring new customer, INEOS Bio, who operates the Indian River BioEnergy Center in Vero Beach, Florida. They’ve recently added a new scale house to their facility and enlisted WasteWORKS to provide them with a point-of-sale, reporting and billing package for their unique operations. In a nutshell, the Indian River Bioenergy plant is producing ethanol from biomass waste materials, such as food waste, green waste, wood waste and even the biodegradable portions of mixed house [...]

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Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Services Excels with WasteWORKS

In this issue, we’re featuring long-time North Carolina customer, Mecklenburg County. They’ve been with us since 1995 (that’s 18 years!) and they recently updated their installation with a move to WasteWORKS-SQL and a shiny new WasteWIZARD system at their Compost Central facility. In Their Own Words: Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Services, located in Charlotte, NC, provides recycling and landfill services to the citizens of Mecklenburg County. We operate the Foxhole Landfill, the only ISO14001- [...]

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New Hanover County Uses WasteWORKS Software

For the new year, we thought it might be time to spotlight our very first customer, our home county of New Hanover. With us for over 20 years, New Hanover County has been a great customer and a patient partner for testing new products. They recently moved to WasteWORKS-SQL and we could not think of a more fitting customer for our New Year’s edition. In Their Own Words: Located in coastal southeastern North Carolina, the New Hanover County Department of Environmental Management oversees one of th [...]

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Martin County Utilities & Solid Waste Software Package

In November of 2011, the Martin County Transfer Station installed the WasteWORKS-SQL software package and the WasteWIZARD automation and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers, which are used to identify and process residential and commercial vehicles. There are two inbound scales, one with the WasteWIZARD automation feature, and one outbound scale. In Their Own Words According to Patrick Yancey, Solid Waste Administrator for Martin County Utilities & Solid Waste, “The automated scale [...]

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Waste Commission of Scott County Landfill & Recycling Solutions

The Waste Commission of Scott County has been a WasteWORKS customer since 1998. With a recent move to WasteWORKS-SQL, the addition of a remote express lane and a pair of WasteWIZARD automated systems, we thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with them and share some details about their award winning operations with our readers. In Their Own Words “Waste Commission of Scott County (Commission) is an inter-governmental agency whose members include 17 communities and Scott County, Iowa [...]

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City of Dallas Converts to WasteWORKS for Landfill Management

For those nostalgic WasteWORDS newsletter collectors out there who keep a tidy scrapbook of previous editions, you’ll have to dig deep, but you will find a previous spotlight on the City of Dallas, Texas from back in 2001. As a long time WasteWORKS customer, who happens to be one of our largest clients and who also recently moved to WasteWORKSSQL, we thought a new customer focus would be in order! A Serious Operation Dallas, the third largest city in Texas with a population of 1.3 million, is ho [...]

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