WasteWORKS Solid Waste Management Software a family of waste management software packages used for landfill and recycling scale house ticketing, billing and management reporting for waste management.

The WasteWORKS family of products is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to waste management information. The products are designed to be easy to use while providing the timely and accurate data you need to manage your waste facilities.

WasteWORKS is the centerpiece of Carolina Software's waste solution strategy. Information enters the system as your weigh masters greet vehicles arriving at your sites. WasteWORKS reads the vehicle's weight automatically from your scale, then computes the charge by ton, cubic yard or quantity, and finally prints a ticket for cash or charge-on-account transactions. Hidden error checking works while the data is entered to ensure accuracy, and pop-up choices and online help allow your weigh master to focus on your customer, not the computer. Meanwhile the software computes pricing, including special contracts and discounts as well as special taxes, all behind the scenes.

Generating a refuse ticket is only the beginning however. WasteWORKS is the complete solution for waste disposal management and includes customer billing and financial reporting in the base product, so there is no additional accounting software to purchase and learn to use. Your auditors will like the financial side of WasteWORKS, which was designed by a CPA to give them the information they need and to help you maximize your collections.

Since WasteWORKS was designed from the beginning specifically for the waste industry, there are also lots of management reports for the solid waste director. Graphs quickly show you where you're busiest or most productive, and the included full-featured report writer allows you to create your own reports in addition to the dozens that come with WasteWORKS already.

WasteWORKS-SQL comes standard with Microsoft SQL Server Express and is available for single PC installations or a variety of LAN/WAN situations. All WasteWORKS products are 32-bit, Windows applications and are designed to work with 32-bit or 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (or Vista).

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Considering a move to WasteWORKS-SQL? Here's what our clients are saying..................

"I have been using WasteWORKS since 1996 and WasteWORKS-SQL has moved rock solid dependability from a country road to the autobahn." -Bradford Whitty, Utilities Analyst, City of Santa Maria, CA

"I just love how quick the reports run.......it makes my job a lot easier now." - Steve Dulin, City of Winston Salem, NC

"I download material reports in seconds.  It really saves time and money in analyzing information.  Also, another good part is when you post new truck tare weights, payments, etc., it shows up in the Scale house right away.  SQL is a definitely a smart move." -Denee M. Rudd, Accounting Supervisor, Community and Environment Bureau, Escambia County, FL

WasteWORKS is NTEP Certified

Are you using the latest version? WasteWORKS-SQL and WasteWORKS for Windows - V.6 and V.7

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